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Braces are a long-term process that is divided into different stages with specific treatments. The period of braces depends on individual case and will be informed to you by the dentist after a thorough dental examination. Braces process takes a lot of time and requires cooperation and strictly following the doctor’s instructions. The average time for a complete braces is usually 1-2 years, with the following procedures:

Step 1: Examining, taking films and taking sample

Firstly, the doctor conducts a general examination of the oral condition for the patient, thereby assessing the difficulty of the jaw condition. Then patient will be assigned to take a film and a sample of the jaw to examine the situation of the specific jawbone and bites.

Vinh An Dental Center is fully equipped with Panorex equipment, Celpalo skull film and computer software to collect data and accurately analyze the misalignment of teeth and jaws; in order to fully meeting the requirements of beauty, smile, and function of the temporomandibular joint, jaw muscles.

Step 2: Analyze dental condition

The computer analyze the images, then using orthodontic design software to plan each step… will help people with braces to understand the status of their jaw, and also how the treatment process changes; how long does it take to the final result?

Step 3: Counseling and treatment planning

After analyzing and evaluating the patient’s current dental condition, the doctor will make a specific treatment plan. Braces methods are given for patients to choose in accordance with the condition of teeth, jaws, time, aesthetic needs, costs… including: metal braces, porcelain braces, tongue braces and transparent braces tray VN-ALIGNER.

Counseling is also important to help patients understand how the brace process will take place and in particular what to do and what to follow during treatment. The cooperation, adherence to the instructions of a dentist is extremely necessary to help bring the best treatment results

Step 4: Attaching braces

After getting to know the procedure and agree with treatment plan, doctor will process the 1st step of attaching patient’s teeth with a brace, it is a bow shaped to create the traction to move the teeth to the desired position as planned.

Before performing the attaching of braces, patients will clean tartar, clean oral hygiene, take pictures of original jaw before attaching braces as a reference document in order to compare before and after result.

After attaching braces, patients will be instructed by the receptionist at Vinh An Dental Clinic about dental care when wearing braces in detail.

During the period of braces, the doctor will schedule specific follow-up appointments with the patient. Usually once every 3 weeks to 1 month, patients come for a follow-up visit. However, with braces technique throughout VN-ALIGNER, the number of time you go for follow up will be significantly reduced.

Within the follow-up visits, there would be time patient will be photographed and filmed while our doctor will monitor and evaluate the mobility of the teeth. It is performed so the patient will notice a change in his/her face.

At Vinh An Dental Clinic, we believe that beautiful smiles have the power to change lives. Come to us to experience the difference.

Note: The effectiveness of treatment may vary depending on the individual condition.

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