Nha khoa thẩm mỹ Implant
Nha khoa thẩm mỹ Implant
Nha khoa thẩm mỹ Implant
Nha khoa thẩm mỹ Implant

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain crowns, also called dental crowns, are a procedure in dentistry, the damaged teeth will be partially ground and a ceramic frame will be taken on top, which is like creating a shield for real teeth. Porcelain crowns will help cover the defects on the teeth and bring you a beautiful teeth, restoring chewing function as well as aesthetics.
Porcelain crowns are a method to help you restore and improve teeth in cases of broken teeth, root canal teeth, missing teeth, etc. with the same color and shape as real teeth. Currently, with the development of technology, the implementation of porcelain veneers becomes easier at lower costs.

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When should porcelain veneers?

Tooth is broken, broken or chipped, sparse, open, deep, distorted, soft mouth …

Back teeth support treatment of pathology (decay, myelitis, enamel erosion, …)

In case of tooth stains due to antibiotic infection – tetracycline, can not be restored by bleaching.

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Combine with Implant to replace missing teeth, including crowns and roots.

Benefits of ceramic crowns

According to the analysis of dental experts, porcelain veneers are both a solution to treat dental diseases and a cosmetic improvement method for perfect teeth:
– Porcelain crowns complete the aesthetics of the teeth. You will own beautiful, natural white teeth with porcelain crowns designed to correct each tooth position. The teeth make chewing easier with fully restored teeth.
– Protecting damaged real teeth from the risk of tooth loss or bone resorption.
– Porcelain crowns to help bite bite jaw 2 become balanced and fit together at the bite position, ensuring long-term health for bite bite.

– The durability of porcelain teeth is very high, an average life of 5-7 years for metal porcelain teeth, 15-20 years for high-class porcelain teeth such as Zirconla, Lava … and even permanently if you Take care of your teeth in the right scenes.

The benefits of dental crowns will be maximized effectively if you are performed at a reputable dental center, ensuring that you follow the right techniques and procedures.

Nha khoa thẩm mỹ Implant

Porcelain crowns hurt?

In porcelain veneers, though you have to undergo elbow grinding, you will not feel much sensitivity due to the effects of anesthetics and hypersensitivity after the procedure. The teeth that are trimmed down are mainly the damaged teeth that need restorations. Particularly, the pulp without signs of inflammation will be completely protected.
In addition, the pulp grinding process does not affect the adjacent teeth, does not damage the root, nor does it affect the gums. Therefore, the crowning technique is safe under normal conditions. Even if the tooth has a pre-existing problem, the dental surgeon will take good control and give pre-treatment to ensure the smooth grinding of the pulp.
Time to do how long?

The time for performing dental crown depends on the number of teeth that need to be made, the professional skills of the doctor, the material and technical conditions of the dental facility. Normally, the time to wrap 1-2 teeth lasts from 2-3 days. The time to make 1 function and 2 functions lasts from 3-5 days.
A crowned person may need an additional 1-2 times to adjust the joint for the best chewing feeling.

Types of porcelain teeth

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With the development of cosmetic dentistry today, there are many types of porcelain teeth for you to choose. Porcelain teeth are classified based on the material that makes them, including three main types: porcelain porcelain teeth, titanium porcelain teeth and porcelain porcelain teeth. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you need to have the knowledge to choose exactly which suits you best.

Regular metal porcelain teeth.

Porcelain metal teeth are porcelain teeth composed of an inner frame made of one of nickel-chromium, chromium-cobalt alloys and nickel-chromium-titanium alloys and a single-layer coated tooth surface. cosmetic porcelain.

• Rigid metal frame, suitable for internal molars, ensures good chewing function.
• Lowest cost.

• After a few years of use, the oxidized metal layer makes the gray tooth of the metal neck, reducing the aesthetics of the teeth.
• Not suitable for patients with metal allergies

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phương pháp làm răng thẩm mỹ

2. Titanium porcelain teeth
Porcelain is an inner rib made of titanium and the outside is porcelain.

• Having a long life, less sensitive to hot and cold food.
• Has good strength, extremely suitable for the inner teeth, ensure good chewing force.
• Suitable for patients with metal allergies.
• Moderate price compared to all porcelain teeth.

• The root of the gums are darkened due to the light of the metal ribs after a long time of use.
• Due to the characteristic of the metal frame, the color of porcelain teeth is not as clear and flawless as all porcelain teeth.

3. All porcelain teeth
Tooth type has ribs and the appearance of teeth is made of porcelain. The typical representative for all porcelain porcelain teeth are: Zirconia porcelain teeth, Cercon porcelain teeth, Lava porcelain teeth … All porcelain teeth are made entirely of pure porcelain both inside ribs and outer shells.
Therefore, this line of teeth has outstanding advantages compared to metal teeth.

• Safe and benign to the human body because all-porcelain teeth do not have a metal frame, do not cause allergies or sensitivity to food temperatures, and do not cause black light on the gum line.
• All porcelain teeth have a natural bright white color like real enamel color which bring high aesthetic.
• Durability of all-porcelain teeth can be used for a long time, for decades or for the rest of the life if patients take proper care and hygiene.
• Especially all porcelain teeth can touch food as great as real teeth. Pure porcelain essence does not cause unpleasant odors, does not affect the taste of food so you can completely chew freely and naturally.


• The cost is quite high.
However, thanks to the outstanding advantages compared to traditional porcelain teeth, more and more patients choose this type of porcelain teeth, especially for the front incisors that require high aesthetics.

The process of making porcelain teeth

In order to get a good porcelain crown results, ensure chewing efficiency and aesthetics, it is necessary to have an accurate porcelain crown procedure according to international standards under the implementation of a team of doctors and the system. modern porcelain teeth making equipment.

Step 1: Visit and plan treatment.

You will first have a physical exam to assess your dental condition. The doctor will conduct a general examination of the oral condition, if any dental disease is detected, it should be treated before carrying out the cosmetic porcelain crown to ensure that the porcelain crown is safe and uneventful. proof. However, in some cases of severe tooth decay or serious fracture, the doctor will perform a scan to identify the specific problem the patient has. From there, based on the results of the examination and movie reading, the doctor will give specific advice as well as plan detailed treatment.

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Step 2: Compare the color of teeth. Taking marks for temporary teeth + grinding of pulp

After the detailed treatment plan, the doctor will proceed sequentially according to the plan. Before grinding the teeth, the dentist will perform a thorough treatment of the pathology: remove the decayed teeth due to cavities, root canal treatment … (fill the canal if inflamed). After that, it is the process of grinding the teeth, however, before that, the doctor will color and mark the temporary teeth so that you have the temporary teeth worn after the pulp and while waiting for Labo to process porcelain teeth.

Dental pulp grinding is a very demanding technique and skill of the doctor. The operation of tooth grinding is more or less invasive to the teeth so it can cause sensitivity to the patient, so before grinding the dentist will conduct a local anesthetic to minimize the feeling of pain. Depending on the doctor, the percentage of pulp grinding will be decided but not more than 2mm to avoid excessive invasion of the structure of the teeth.

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phương pháp làm răng thẩm mỹ

Step 3: Imprinted porcelain teeth.

Tooth impression will be carried out when tooth grinding is completed. The impression of the tooth is shown by the patient biting strongly into the prepared plaster, the impression taking stage must ensure precise operation to ensure that the porcelain teeth are manufactured in the same color and shape as real teeth.

Step 4: Carry out installing crowns or bridges.

After the technician completed the tooth manipulation. You will go to the clinic for a crown or porcelain bridge. For cases with multiple teeth, your doctor may attach temporary for you to eat and feel for the first 2 to 4 days, then return to fixed if you are really satisfied with the color and shape of the teeth. or adjust more to your liking. The teeth after implant porcelain teeth will look like real teeth, aesthetic and color matching with the face.

Step 5: Re-examination as directed by your doctor (if necessary).

You can completely return to check if you feel any signs of bad after installing porcelain. The team of Doctors at Vinh An Dental Clinic is always ready to assist you.
The consulting team of Vinh An Dental Clinic is always ready to answer all questions for you before and during the implementation process.

Note: The effectiveness of treatment may vary depending on the individual condition.

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