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Cost of porcelain crown

How Much Does a Porcelain Crown Cost? Nguồn: https://www.hworthodontics.com/single-post/The-Best-Invisalign-in-Warren-Michigan

How much does cost of porcelain crown ( cost of porcelain crowns on front teeth )? What is the price of porcelain crown Zirconia, Cercon price of porcelain crown, Veneer porcelain, price of porcelain crown Titanium? What is the cost of porcelain crown on front teeth ( porcelain crown front tooth ) in each dentist? porcelain crown teeth lowest price is how much? The demand for aesthetic porcelain crown is high, so many dental centers offer payment programs such as 0% interest-rate porcelain crowns or cheap porcelain crowns and other attractive programs to attract customer. Many un-reputable low-cost dental centers appear make it confusing for customers when they do not know how much the cost of porcelain crown ( porcelain crown teeth price) highly effective safety will cost and what criteria it need to satisfied? Please see the following article for an accurate answer about the cost of dental crown currently in prestigious dentistry in Ho Chi Minh City area.

Porcelain crown?

Cosmetic porcelain crown is a method that restores and treats damaged or bad teeth to improve defective teeth to help patients have beautiful teeth, natural bright smiles. There are various kinds of Porcelain crowns depending on your choice to create dentures that look real and natural

What is the average cost of a porcelain crown? Nguồn: https://www.209nycdental.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/porcelain-crowns-bridges/
What is the average cost of a porcelain crown? Nguồn: https://www.209nycdental.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/porcelain-crowns-bridges/

Porcelain crown used for the following cases:

  • The patient’s teeth are severely stained and cannot be bleached
  • Teething deviations, uneven, incorrect position
  • Teeth stain or customers need to improve the aesthetics of their teeth

Cosmetic porcelain crown process?

The process of dental porcelain start by sharpening the enamel to create small pillars, based on the condition of the patient’s teeth that the dentist will adjust the proportion of grinding teeth accordingly without affecting root or root canal.

 Take tooth and jaw imprint to make porcelain crowns according to the parameters taken: shape, size, color, gloss and then the crown will be fixed on the ground teeth to form a completely new tooth.

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What kind of porcelain crowns use for incisors, molars?

Currently there are many different types of porcelain crowns, each porcelain crowns will have different advantages and disadvantages, and the price is not the same. Choosing the type of porcelain crowns fitted with incisors and molars should base on the material, durability and longevity of each type of crown.

Porcelain crowns on incisors should choose what kind of crown?

Porcelain crowns for incisors you need to choose porcelain crowns with beautiful colors, gloss like natural teeth because incisors are the front teeth are the role of increasing the aesthetics of the teeth, helping you confidently communicate.

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Porcelain crowns suitable for incisors are Ziconia or Cercon Porcelain. Porcelain crowns will be manufactured using CAD / CAM3D design technology in modern Labo Department, designed by technicians who have experience in manufacturing dentures to create the right dentures.

Zirconia porcelain crown:

Zirconia porcelain crowns are made of Zirconia porcelain material, this is a precious material used extensively for the dental industry. Zirconia porcelain crowns are high-class lines that help to restore different teeth positions with high strength and aesthetics

Zirconia porcelain teeth have natural colors, after a period of use, it does not oxidize and blacken the gum line, are harmless and extremely safe. However, Zirconia porcelain crowns have a higher price than metal porcelain and titanium porcelain.

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Cercon porcelain crown:

The frame and the outer layer of Cercon porcelain crown are cut from embryonic porcelain of US firm Densply-Degudent.

Cercon porcelain crowns have natural colors like real teeth, have high force and durability, do not cause black gum line, high biological compatibility. It is difficult to recognize that you cover the front teeth with Cercon ceramic crowns because they are not affected by the light. And of course, the price of ceramic crown on the incisors is higher than that of Zirconia porcelain crowns

Porcelain crowns for molars should choose what kind of crown?

The molars have the main task of chewing and crushing food, so the porcelain crowns used for molars must withstand strong force, ensure chewing function, and feel like real teeth.

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The porcelain crowns suitable for molars are Zirconia, Cercon or Metal and Titanium.

Titanium porcelain crown:

Titanium crown has a structure of the inner made of nickel-chromium-titaniumalloy, the outer layer is covered with a layer of porcelain that is similar in color to real teeth

Porcelain crowns for molar teeth with cheap titanium crowns still ensure chewing and aesthetics, but due to their alloy structure, they are easily oxidized or cannot be used by people who are allergic to metals.

How long do porcelain crowns last? nguồn: https://eastoverdentalclinic.com/untitled-design-10/
How long do porcelain crowns last? nguồn: https://eastoverdentalclinic.com/untitled-design-10/

Metal porcelain crown:

Metal Porcelain crowns are used a lot because the price of porcelain crowns with cheap metal crowns is suitable for those with low income. However, only after 4 months to 5 months of use the metal will oxidize creating black gum line, causing aesthetic loss so should only be used inside the molars

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Porcelain crown teeth price how much for incisors, molars?

What is the cost of porcelain crown now? What porcelain crown teeth price should choose to achieve high aesthetic efficiency and quality, durability? price of porcelain crown: Zirconia, Cercon, Titanium, ..?

In general, the cost of porcelain crowns with porcelain crowns is from 1,100,000 VND -> 1,800,000 VND for 1 tooth, the cost of all porcelain crowns is 3,000,000 VND -> 8,000,000 VND for 1 tooth, Vita porcelain crown (German) is 5,000,000 VND / tooth, Ceramill Zolid HT porcelain crown (Australia) is 6,000,000 VND / tooth, Cercon HT crown (USA) is 8,000,000 / tooth, ..Porcelain crowns price is high or low depending on your crown

The price of porcelain crown on front teeth and the cost of dental crowns will depend on the skills of the dentist, the support equipment, the number of teeth to be restored, the patient’s choice of crown. Besides, the price of porcelain teeth depends on the patient’s dental condition that choose the most suitable porcelain crown

The cost of porcelain crowns on incisors and molars is not fixed and there are always many changes due to patient’s condition and due to the influence of the market. You can refer to the price list of dental porcelain crown At Vinh An Dental Clinic in the table below:

Cost of porcelain crowns on front teeth:

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown (standard alloy) $65
Porcelain Fused to Titanium Crown $110
Zirconia Crown/ Veneer $195 – 305
Zolid/ Lava/ Cercon Porcelain Crown $260 – $300 – $345
Temporary Crown/ Veneer $5
Removing porcerlain old crown $15 – $25


How much does porcelain crown cost? porcelain crown teeth price? What is the best cost of porcelain crown front tooth? porcelain crown teeth price for crowns, molars? Vinh An Dental Clinic has shared with you the necessary information about porcelain crown cost, hopefully help you to understand more about porcelain crown.

 How Much Does a Porcelain Crown Cost? Nguồn: https://www.hworthodontics.com/single-post/The-Best-Invisalign-in-Warren-Michigan
How Much Does a Porcelain Crown Cost? Nguồn: https://www.hworthodontics.com/single-post/The-Best-Invisalign-in-Warren-Michigan

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