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Dental implant and bridge which one is right for you?

Should I lose a dental implant or implant?

Dental implant and bridge – good treatment for people with root loss. Dental implant and bridge are two solutions to recover teeth that many patients choose to use. However, in order not to have to sharpen the side teeth, preserve the true teeth, dental implants are still the top priority patient.

When losing one or more teeth, in addition to suffering from discomfort, discomfort in chewing, you will also have cosmetic problems for the face whether the missing teeth are front teeth or the molars. When the implant is needed to replace the missing tooth, the problem that people often wonder is whether to implant using a dental bridge or the dental implant?

What is bridge?

Porcelain bridge is a method of dentures by the dentist will have to remove two real teeth at the two ends of the tooth to be lost as a pillar to put a crown of 3 corresponding dentures on top and can apply the solution. This is for all tooth loss locations including molars only on the two sides of the tooth loss is still healthy

Should people losing teeth make a bridge or Implant?
Should people losing teeth make a bridge or Implant?

The type of bridge you should know about

Traditional bridges

This type of bridge is the most used and most popular to replace lost teeth, lightweight, small shape, helping you more comfortable eating.

Vane Bridges (Maryland Bridges):

Vane bridge is famous for its high ability to preserve teeth. This type of bridge is also known as a plastic bridge. Basically, dentures are made of plastic, like the material from chewing gum covered in a metal frame. The metal wings on the 2 sides of the dentures will be fixed to the pillars of dental cement. This type of bridge is mainly used for front teeth and the back teeth must be healthy.

Composite bridge:

For those who have lost one or two teeth and are looking for an easy, affordable solution for tooth replacement, composite bridges are the most affordable method. The bridge will be joined together by composite (a plastic tooth filling material) placed directly into the missing tooth gap. This procedure is usually done and inserted into the teeth in just one visit.

Bridges supported by implants:

Implants supported by implants are very popular in recent years, because often it does not affect or damage the adjacent natural teeth. No need to grind the stalks with crowns and crowns or bulky support structure design, this type of bridge only needs to be supported by implant teeth. This type of bridge also has the advantage of creating appropriate distances between teeth so that you can clean teeth more effectively. And if they integrate well together, it will be extremely stable, long-term use.

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Should bridges do not lose teeth?

Bridge is a method of implant dentures fixed on the teeth so it is easy to clean and use but Implant teeth, but the method of making porcelain bridges must be done with the best process to bring high aesthetics.

Should I lose a dental implant or implant?
dental implant and bridge

The durability or life span of a bridge is only 8 – 10 years which is average. The advantage of the porcelain bridge method is that it is cheaper than the Implant, the time for the prosthesis is short, can be completed only after 3-4 appointments, high aesthetics but the disadvantages of this method will bring influencing patients’ decision to make dentures by this method:

  • The condition of jaw bone resorption or slip gums will occur making the face unsightly appear wrinkles, sagging skin, cheeks sagging, making you older than your actual age
  • 2 teeth are abraded to make the cylinder can be damaged and lost
  • Porcelain crowns not attached properly can cause bad breath, gingivitis
  • Weak teeth when grinding, if grinding too deeply affects the pulp, tooth sensitivity
  • Porcelain bridges are only used for the loss of one tooth or a few teeth, not applicable to cases of missing teeth or missing teeth
  • Life expectancy is only up to 10 years and is the highest

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Dental implant and bridge: which is the best method to replace missing teeth?

Dental implant is the best method of implant dentistry presently and is appreciated by many dentists for its safety, aesthetics, and long service life. The advantages of dental implant cannot fail to mention are:

  • The structure is like a real tooth with root and crown
  • Aesthetics are high and no one knows that you have had a denture implant other than a dentist
  • Restoring chewing function up to 92% equivalent to real teeth, you can enjoy your favorite food
  • Durability and longevity Implant teeth up to 20 years or permanently exist just need you take good care
  • Preventing many horrifying consequences caused by tooth loss such as jaw bone resorption, facial aging, difficulty pronouncing, etc.

Dental implants only work where the teeth need to be restored to other teeth that are not affected

Prosthetic prostheses for every lost tooth position from 1 tooth to a few teeth or the whole jaw, depending on the status of jaw bone and health that customers can choose Implant All-on-4 or All-on-6 Implant

Although the dental implant has many advantages, the main disadvantage is that the length of the Implant treatment lasts 4 to 6 weeks for customers who are eligible for quantity and quality of jaw bone, and 3 to 9 months. For patients who do not have enough quantity and bone quality, they need to be treated for oral infections or other diseases.

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Dental implant and bridge: Differences between 2 methods

Bridge for teeth Dental implants
Case designation Permanent tooth loss Permanent tooth loss
Structure Minimum of 3 teeth 1 implant + 1 abutment + 1 porcelain tooth
Request there are 2 adjacent teeth Jaw bone is stable
Perform 2 adjacent grinding teeth required No need to grind your teeth, implant directly into the jawbone
Time to complete 1-2 weeks 1-3 months
Cost Love in units of porcelain teeth, 1 tooth from 1-6 million

(ceramic bridges for a minimum of 3 teeth)

Divided into 3 parts:

+ Implant: from 800-1300 USD (depending on type)

+ Abutmen from 200-300 USD

+ Porcelain teeth from: 2-7 million

Advantages Eat good chew, low cost, perform fast without surgery Not grinding teeth, good chewing food, permanent use, protect jaw bone
Defect Must sharpen teeth affect the longevity of real tooth structure, limited use time from 10 years. It takes time (1-3 months) for implant to integrate bone, high cost, perform implant surgery


Dental implant and bridge should choose which method to restore lost teeth both cost effective and safe, long-term use without replacement? Based on the above information provided by the Vinh An Dental – Implant dental clinic, surely it has helped you to answer your questions.

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Should make porcelain bridges or Implant when implant has lost
Should make porcelain bridges or Implant when implant has lost

Compared to the porcelain bridge method, the dental implant method brings good sustainability and fewer complications, this will be the best choice for patients who prefer the method of dentures. High stability, no need to redo many times.

For long-term loss of teeth, it will cause many bad consequences and increase the cost of prosthetic prostheses due to the appearance of many dental diseases.Whichever method you choose, customers who have lost their teeth should also seek to recover early. Best

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If customers are still wondering whether their dental condition should be a porcelain or implant, please contact Vinh An Dental Clinic with the following information for advice and dedicated guidance.


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