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Lingual Braces

1.What are lingual braces?

Internal braces also known as Lingual braces are a new method of orthodontics, also using bow-shaped wire and braces. However, instead of being attached to the outer surface of teeth like traditional method of braces, braces will be attached to the inside of the teeth adjacent to the tongue, hence the name “Lingual Brace”.

As with other braces, lingual braces use a bow-shaped wire with braces to create forces that pull teeth back to the desired position, but the appliances are specific for tongue-side. This is the most advanced orthodontic method today that satisfy the aesthetic requirements as well as provide outstanding efficiency.

2. Advantages of the method of inner braces

• High aesthetics value

The first advantage of this method is high aesthetics value that meets the requirements of most customers. When braces are attached to the inside of the arch, it is not apparent. Most people would not know that you have braces; therefore, this is a common option. People can feel more confident and comfortable in daily communication.

• High precision

Unlike the external braces method, braces are custom-made, carefully measured and customized based on the exact size of each patient’s teeth; therefore, it is fitted to the teeth with very high accuracy.

• Comfortable to use

For youngers who play sports or intensive exercise, using traditional braces are more likely to suffer cheek injuries when having impacts. While using lingual braces will eliminate this issue. Moreover, you can freely communicate without fear of apparent braces.

• Limit recurrence

Lingual braces will eliminate the habit of pushing the tongue against front teeth, thus reducing the recurrence after removing the braces. After treatment, patients will see apparently improvement, higher aesthetics.

• Applicable for most cases

The method of using braces for tongue and tongue is applied in most cases of thin teeth, deviated teeth, coral teeth … without restrictions such as transparency and the treatment time is much shorter.

• See the process of tooth decay clearly

When braces are on the outside, it is very difficult for the patient to assess the change in the position of the teeth clearly because of braces and hidden cords. In addition, braces also make the lips protrude more causing unsightly.

As for tongue braces, patients can see the changes in the position of teeth as well as the treatment process significantly, may require the doctor to adjust the changes according to their wishes.

3. Disadvantages of lingual braces

• High cost

The biggest unfavored of lingual braces is the cost is quite high compared to other orthodontic methods. This method is quite complicated to implement. To perform lingual braces, it is necessary to have expertise doctors, who have trained specifically,

specialized and skilled. Only expertise doctor can adjust the pulling force of braces when moving teeth in accordance with treatment plan while braces are attached on the inside of the teeth.

• Less comfortable

At first, the braces keep touching the tongue makes patients feel a little uncomfortable. However, this feeling would disappear as you get used to its presence in your mouth. Besides, oral hygiene also needs more care.

4. Lingual braces at Vinh An Dental Clinic

Vinh An Dental Clinic is proud to be one of the first dentists to pioneer the application of lingual braces technology in Vietnam. This is complicated and is a quite new technique in Vietnam, doctors who perform lingual braces must have high expertise and skills together with modern equipment so that the orthodontic process can achieve high efficiency. Our doctors have more than 20 years of experiences, training abroad, acquiring many credited training certificates of foreign experts such as the Chairman of Korean Association of Orthodontics, Choi Yeon Bum.

Vinh An dental have successfully performed thousands of braces cases by various methods, in which, lingual braces is one of the most selected by patients since it brought them many good results.

Orthodontics or braces are our strength at Vinh An Dental Center. Crooked teeth growing on the arch of the jaw will be rearranged by new materials and techniques. The overbite and underbite jawbone or face humps which are not align will be successfully treated with a well-prepared plan: computer software, measurement on X-rays, jaw samples… at a cost. only from 25,000,000 and flexible payments plan.

Braces price table:

Vinh An believes that beautiful smiles have the power to change lives. Let us bring you a happy smile.

Note: The effectiveness of treatment may vary depending on the individual condition.

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