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Lingual Braces

1.What are lingual braces? Internal braces also known as Lingual braces are a new method of orthodontics, also using bow-shaped wire and braces. However, instead of being attached to the outer surface of teeth like traditional method of braces, braces will be attached to the inside of the teeth adjacent to the tongue, hence the […]

When you need Braces

Braces or orthodontics are solutions to help adjust the position of the teeth, aligning teeth and pulling them close by using dental implements to rearrange crooked tooth, underbite, overbite, gap tooth… bring you beauty smiles and faces. This treatment can also help you take care of oral health, joints and gums for a long time […]


Braces are a long-term process that is divided into different stages with specific treatments. The period of braces depends on individual case and will be informed to you by the dentist after a thorough dental examination. Braces process takes a lot of time and requires cooperation and strictly following the doctor’s instructions. The average time […]


What is teeth whitening Today, having white teeth is concerned by many people leading to various methods of whitening. The most typical method among those is bleaching. This is a simple and unaffected dental treatment that is used to change the natural color of enamel, an ideal method to enhance your bright, beautiful smile. . […]


What is Veneer? Porcelain veneer is a new method of dental prosthetic, which have the advantage of being less invasive than porcelain crowns but still bring bright white teeth to help restore teeth in both shape and color. You will have perfect beautiful teeth. Veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain about 0.5 mm, […]

Dental implants dentures

Should dental implants dentures by which method is both economical and best?

Dental implants dentures with dental implants or dental bridges are all methods of supporting prosthetic patients. There are advantages and disadvantages at each denture implant method because it makes many customers wonder when choosing the best denture method? Please see the following article to understand in more detail and get the most accurate information Dental […]

Dental implants disadvantages

Pros and cons of dental implant techniques

Dental implants disadvantages and outstanding advantages. Dental implants are a method of implanting dentistry for patients who help restore lost teeth by inserting Implant pillars into the jaw bone and attaching crowns with porcelain crowns to create 1 tooth with structure like real teeth. Implant implants, although there are many advantages and success rates as […]