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Porcelain crown process

Your experience with a dental crown? nguồn: http://www.crystalbrookdental.com.au/tooth-colored-filling/

How is the porcelain crown process conducted? Porcelain crowns experience? Which porcelain crowns procedure do you need to know to register for porcelain crowns? Does porcelain crowns experience from customers who have successfully used porcelain crowns at the dental center? Vinh An Dental Clinic will answer your questions regarding porcelain crowns


The steps of the dental crown procedure A to Z, nguồn: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/dental-crown-procedure
The steps of the dental crown procedure A to Z, nguồn: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/dental-crown-procedure


Porcelain crown process correct standard to have beautiful teeth

Porcelain crown surgery is only a minor surgery but it requires high accuracy and meticulousness as well as experienced doctor to perform. There are many cases of patients who feel pain and discomfort when chewing after attaching porcelain crowns; causes by unskillful doctor who does not have enough experiences and knowledges when it comes to porcelain crowns.

Porcelain crowning process at Vinh An Dental Implant dental center is highly appreciated for its quality, efficiency and safety. Vinh An Dental clinic has strength in porcelain crowns and Implant porcelain crowns, .. Vinh An guarantee about their services, and their quality commitment of each dental surgery. Customer satisfaction is the motivation for Vinh An Dental Implant Clinic to continue bringing beautiful smiles to our customers.

Porcelain crown process is carried out with the following criteria: High Safety – Good Quality – Satisfaction – Trust “all these criteria are always at the forefront, strictly following the standard porcelain crown coating process. with the following steps:

The process of porcelain crown is accordance to the following steps:

Step 1: Dental examination, health and counseling

Before you make any decision about which method to choose for prosthetic dentistry, please visit a reputable dental implant center for examination. When coming to Vinh An Dental Clinic, you will be thoroughly examined, from oral health check, general health check, to blood test, .. from the results of this examination, the dentist will consult and advises the most suitable method that you can choose. Whether your condition is suitable with dental crown method or not, the dentist will conduct X-ray before answering if necessary.

This is an important step in the dental crown process because only a small mistake will lead to a dental surgery for patients who fail. You should choose a dental implant clinic that has deep experiences in porcelain crowns so that you can receive the best advice and avoid complications later on.

Step 2: Oral hygiene – anesthesia

Patients who choose dental porcelain crown will first undergo the surgery. The dentist will perform oral sanitation to avoid infection before grinding teeth to make the pillar.

Anesthetized patients with genuine medicine, clear origin; only anesthetize the area to be afected to reduce pain and help the grinding process to go smoothly.

Step 3: Grinding teeth – take jaw’s imprint

After grinding teeth to make a pillar, the dentist will take the imprint of the patient’s jaw. Each person will have different teeth marks. All necessary parametere are then sent to Labo, where artificial teeth are made. The shape, size and color of the tooth will resemble the remaining natural tooth or to the patient’s preference.

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Step 4: Manufacturing porcelain teeth

Porcelain crowns will be made by highly experienced technicians to ensure that porcelain crowns have natural-like shapes and colors, using modern CAD / CAM techniques to ensure high aesthetics, and shorten porcelain tooth making time to 2-3 days.

Crowns - Procedure for your new crown. Nguồn: https://identdentalimplantcenter.com/blog/the-restoration-process-by-porcelain-crown-at-i-dent-dental-implant-center/6
Crowns – Procedure for your new crown. Nguồn: https://identdentalimplantcenter.com/blog/the-restoration-process-by-porcelain-crown-at-i-dent-dental-implant-center/6

Step 5: Try-on

The dentist will try the crown on for you, then adjust accordingly.

Step 6: Check the overall dental condition

This is the final step of a porcelain crown, the dentist checks the overall dental condition after putting on the porcelain teeth, adjusting it again so that the patient no longer feels uncomfortable. If the patient feels comfortable the dentist will then attach fixed tooth => Porcelain crowning procedure is complete

The porcelain crown process is quick and not complicated, these are the essential basic steps required in porcelain crown. Vinh An Dental Clinic is proud to be the dental implant clinic comply with International standards to ensure prestige and professionalism. Customer satisfaction is always our motivation to get better everyday.

Porcelain crowns procedure installment with 0% interest rate for patients

For those who want to restore teeth but can not afford the cost, you can choose the solution of porcelain crown payment plan with 0% interest rate in Vinh An Dental Clinic.

Things to know about installment porcelain crowns:

The demand for porcelain crowns is increasing, many famous dental clinic have the 0% interest-rate program to attract customers and help patients ease the burden of money. Not all the dental center is reputable and qualified. To avoid dental failure, you should take note of the following:

No proper licenses: You can see that many places advertise cheap porcelain crowns, Spa are the cheapest ones among those and of course lots of spas perform without a license. After only a few months of using this cheap porcelain crowns would damaged, the post-treatment will then be very complicated.

Unskillful doctor: Dental clinic without experienced doctors cannot perform porcelain crowns properly, the step of grinding teeth if not carefully done will affect root canals; root canal damage causes bad breath, and more severe periodontal condition.

Poor quality porcelain: Porcelain crowns made from fake materials and unidentified origins also affect your dental condition.

Before choosing a the dental implant centre for porcelain crowns procedure (0% interest rate), you should choose carefully, see the assessment of the quality and service of the dental center through forum pages such as the Mother and Baby forum, the Parenting forum, … see the opinions of customers who have used dental porcelain dental services at the dentist that department through the website or Facebook, .. thoroughly researched and selected a reputable dental implant center, a team of highly qualified doctors, “choose face to send gold” instead of cheap ham “to bring disaster to Dear”.

Sign up for porcelain crowns procedure of 0% interest rate:

In order to apply the procedure of installment porcelain crown with 0% interest rate, you need to fully meet the following:

Qualified customers: Customers using porcelain dental crown services in Vinh An Dental Clinic, have a total cost of dentistry restorations over VND 12 million, using bank card services: Sacombank, Vietcombank , Vietinbank, Vpbank, Techcombank, VIB, Citibank, ..)

Payment method: Payment method for porcelain crowns is divided into 2 phases:

Phase 1: Patients need to pay 60% -> 70% of porcelain crown total cost

Phase 2: Pay the remaining monthly until all fee totally paid off.

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Your Dental Crown Procedure: What to Expect , nguồn: https://henritzedental.com/dental-crowns-and-caps/
Your Dental Crown Procedure: What to Expect , nguồn: https://henritzedental.com/dental-crowns-and-caps/

The procedure of porcelain crowns is not for anyone?

  • Credit card, bank card of the cardholder have late payment status
  • The credit card is valid for less than the installment payment period
  • Cardholder who registers for payment plan violates the Terms & Conditions of the issuing bank
  • Not applicable for Supplementary Cards, No limit for number of installments.
  • Cardholders of payment plan for porcelain crowns can not cancel the payment transaction after the transaction has been converted to installment payment.

Porcelain crowns experience from insiders

The porcelain crown process is not complicated as compared to the dental implant method with Implant but you should also pocket these 5 porcelain crowns experience as these are accumulated experiences from customers who have successfully covered porcelain teeth.

Porcelain crowns experience I: How is your oral health?

When coming to the dental center, you will be examined with modern machinery and equipment, but you also should know about your oral condition in advance. Are your teeth painful, how long have you lost your teeth, do you have bad breath, do you have periodontal disease, did you have any root canal removed, etc. From which the dentist will choose the best method for your teeth, do not be afraid of not fully share your dental condition with the doctor.

Porcelain crown experience II: Choose a suitable and high quality porcelain crowns

There are many porcelain crowns for you to choose from, they are mostly grouped into 2: metal porcelain crowns and full-porcelain crowns. According to the reviews and advices of dental implant specialists, full-porcelain crowns should be selected because:

Full porcelain crown teeth are high-class dentures, high aesthetic effect, color is exactly like real teeth, porcelain crowns can last 10 to 15 years, safe, no oxidation, no black gum line, and the cost will be high, you can choose Zirconia or for porcelain crown, it is suitable for everyone.

As for metal porcelain, the outter layer made of porcelain, the inner rib is made of metal or metal alloy, it is cheap but easy to cause irritation for people who are allergic to metal, its is not natural, may have black gum line and have a low life expectancy of 6 years.

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Porcelain crowns experience III: Prepare costs

The cost of porcelain crown will depend on the type of porcelain crowns you choose, the number of crowns needed, the skills of doctors, assistive devices, .. every dental center specializing in porcelain crowns have a different price scheme , you can come to the dental clinic at choice directly for a thorough examination and consultation, then you will receive a detailed price list.

Porcelain crown experience IV: the dental implant centre reputation

After knowing the dental condition and the cost of dental porcelain, you should go to a reputable dental center such as Vinh An Dental Clinic or other reputable dental clinics that you can trust for examination and treatment in a timely manner.

Vinh An Dental Clinic is the leading in porcelain crown in Vietnam chosen by many customers, our dental team has performed many dental porcelain crowns cases and successfully gain beautiful smile for our patients.

Highly skilled, licensed doctors: Doctors with high professional experience will directly perrform dental crowns for patients in accordance with international standard.

Strictly follow the process: Comply with standard porcelain crowns procedure, advance equipment and devices, use CAD / CAM 3D porcelain teeth, X-rays around the apex to help determine the oral condition, get 3D Scan jaw’s imprint …

Various types of porcelain crowns: Porcelain crowns used at Vinh An Dental Clinic are high-class, genuine imported, clear origins, porcelain teeth made from CAD / CAM 3D machines, precisely designed by technicians, accuracy to the minimeter, adpressed to the teeth, look natural-like in shape, color and size.

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Your experience with a dental crown? nguồn: http://www.crystalbrookdental.com.au/tooth-colored-filling/
Your experience with a dental crown? nguồn: http://www.crystalbrookdental.com.au/tooth-colored-filling/

Ensuring safety and a sterile system in accordance with international standards, the dental implant kit for each patient is separate and only used once. Dedicated service and long-term warranty from 10 years to 20 years depending on the materials.

Porcelain crown experience V: Proper dental care

Porcelain crown lifespan and use time of porcelain crown will depend on oral care before, during, and after treatment.

 Use small head brush, soft bristles, gently brush your teeth, brush in a circle to prevent tooth erosion, eat soft food, low sugar, avoid spicy food or food that too hot or too cold.

 Visit the dentist for check-up every 6 months.


How is the process of porcelain crowns? Is porcelain crowns complicated? Experience in porcelain crowns for first-time dental implants patient, .. Vinh An Dental Clinic has just shared with you the information you need to know about dental crown. We hope that it will give you the broad idea about porcelain crowns.

Vinh An Dental Clinic is a reputable dental center specializing in dental porcelain, we use advanced porcelain crown technology. If you are in need of dental porcelain but still wondering where to go, Vinh An Dental would be a good choice for you.

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 If you need more specific advice on the dental crown process or the how to sign up for the 0% installment plan, please connect with us to chat with our doctors or contact us as following:


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