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Porcelain crown teeth, types of porcelain crowns, porcelain crown lifespan

Porcelain crown lifespan for how long?

What are porcelain crown teeth/porcelain crown tooth? porcelain crown on front tooth? What are porcelain crown allergy symptoms? What is porcelain crown discoloration? Can porcelain crown lifespan be up to 20 years? What types of porcelain crowns are used to restore front teeth? One of the most popular cosmetic solutions for teeth is known as porcelain crowns, but not everyone understands this prosthetic method. Therefore, in recent times, Vinh An Dental Clinic has received a lot of questions related to this issue. What is porcelain crowns? The most used and durable porcelain crowns, let’s find out the answer in the article below.

What is porcelain crowns teeth? The use of crowns?

What is porcelain crowns teeth?

Porcelain crowns are a shape, size and color that are made to resemble real teeth, but are hollowed out inside so they can be inserted into prosthetic teeth to be used for prosthetics or to support methods of making dentures. other teeth.

porcelain crown allergy symptoms
porcelain crown allergy symptoms

Porcelain crowns are used in cosmetic dental restorations with many different uses such as:

  • Used to restore defective enamel such as pathological teeth, chipping due to external forces, teeth contaminated with antibiotics …
  • Used to correct cases of incorrect teeth bite: messy distorted teeth, coral teeth, mouths, tails …
  • Used to support the method of making dental bridges, Implant restores lost teeth.
  • The case of patients who want to have more aesthetic teeth …

Uses crown porcelain incisors?

Porcelain crown front tooth used to restore teeth to ensure high aesthetics with many different benefits:

  • Porcelain crowns are used to cover teeth or cover all damaged teeth, increase bearing capacity and improve the color, shape and arrangement of teeth. In case of dental treatment with dental implants, dental specialists will recommend that you use the Implant post at the root (the tooth has been lost for a long time) and use the Full crown crown to create the highest aesthetic aesthetic. truth of teeth
  • Porcelain crowns are made of different materials such as alloys, resins and porcelain, etc.
  • Restoration of enamel teeth has been damaged, defects such as severe stains cannot be bleached, cracked, antibiotic stained teeth …
  • Porcelain crowns are used in cases where the teeth are chanted, dentured, the teeth are disordered messy, to treat the teeth that are not properly matched
  • Supporting other methods of implant dentistry such as Implant, porcelain bridges
  • In case the patient wants to have more natural and aesthetic beautiful teeth
  • Types of porcelain crowns have many different you to choose such as all-porcelain crowns, metal crowns, full crowns (Full crowns), plastic crowns or mixed crowns of metal and plastic … depending on budget and your needs that choose the type of porcelain crowns to suit your location and your pocket to avoid cases that lead to allergies after restorations

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Porcelain crown teeth process for patients

First: Patients come to the prestigious reputable dental implant clinic with experience to get specific advice, details on the method of fixed dentures

Step 2: A good dentist will scrape a part of the decayed tooth and sharpen it to get the desired shape and then take a tooth impression.

Step 3: Craft porcelain crowns based on the impression marks taken to create porcelain crowns like real teeth

Step 4: In the meantime, your dentures are complete, the dentist will temporarily attach you with plastic or metal crowns to help you eat and drink more easily. When the crown is finished, you will go to the dental clinic to get a temporary crown and proceed to permanently attach the crown to the right place.

porcelain crown teeth, porcelain crown lifespan
porcelain crown teeth, porcelain crown lifespan

Porcelain crown teeth – Structure of porcelain crowns

Porcelain crown teeth. The structure of porcelain crown teeth has inner frame and outter enamel.

Inner frame:

The main function is to shape the form for porcelain crown, the inner frame supporting the porcelain crowns must be firmly designed, with the highest durability to help chewing function.

Outter enamel:

The frame will be covered with porcelain layer, the porcelain layer and the inner frame will be carefully designed to have real teeth color, the porcelain layer must be designed according to the shape of the tooth that need replacing.

Types of porcelain crowns 

Types of porcelain crowns on front tooth. There are many types of porcelain crowns used to restore teeth because there is an increasing number of patients choosing porcelain crowns to serve customers. Currently, porcelain crowns are grouped into 2 groups:

Porcelain crown teeth made of metal:

The components that make up the inner frame are compounds: Ni – Cr, Cr – Co, Ni – Cr – Til …

Advantages of metal porcelain crowns:

  • Cheap metal porcelain crown is suitable for any budget.
  • Porcelain crowns ensure high aesthetics, durability, and chewing function.

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Disadvantages of metal porcelain crowns:

  • After 5-7 months of use, this metal frame will get blacken due to oxidation because the acidic level in the mouth.
  • It is easy to recognize that you have dentures attached, and also not suitable for those who allergic to metal
  • Porcelain crowns lifespan is not long, must be renewed to maintain natural-like teeth. You can choose metal porcelain crown from Ceramco III, titanium alloy porcelain teeth 

Full-porcelain porcelain crown teeth:

Porcelain crown teeth are made of 100% porcelain teeth are more natural, last longer than metal crowns, the inner frame is made of pure porcelain.

When choosing dental porcelain teeth, you should choose full-porcelain crowns to limit the limitation of metal crowns.

Porcelain crowns metal:

Porcelain crowns are made entirely of metal often are dental alloys. Others are made of precious metals with frames made of platinum, gold or palladium. Metal porcelain crowns are often chosen when customers demand prosthetic teeth under pressure to chew as large as molars. Precious porcelain crowns have outstanding advantages in terms of durability, bearing capacity, do not black on the neck of the teeth, do not cause irritation, long use time. However, due to the low aesthetics, metal porcelain crowns are less likely to be used than other porcelain crowns.

Types of porcelain crowns are being used to restore teeth
Types of porcelain crowns are being used to restore teeth

Alloy crowns:

Alloy crowns are an improvement of metal crowns with the advantage of being covered with porcelain on the outside. The structure of an alloy porcelain crown consists of a high-temperature baked or metal frame fused with an external porcelain coating to give the appearance of a real tooth. Alloy porcelain crowns are usually made of nickel – chromium – titanium alloys, sometimes with frames made from precious metal. This rib usually contains 4 to 6% titanium, a compound with high biological compatibility, combined with good bones, hypoallergenic. However, due to the layer of this alloy frame, when light shines through the crown of alloy porcelain, it will see black shadow.

All porcelain crowns:

Although porcelain crowns have met aesthetic requirements quite high, there are still some shortcomings such as incomplete opacity like natural teeth, so all-porcelain crowns will be born to solve such defects. All porcelain crowns have a frame and outer coverings made entirely of dental porcelain. The material used to make all-ceramic crowns is Zirconia or Lithium Desilicate with high strength and physical structure similar to diamond.

Most prosthesis dentist recommend full-porcelain crowns because after long-term use, thec color of the gums remain natural, it is difficult to recognize dentures, higher integration and more durable than real teeth. Pure porcelain crowns can be used for life if you know how to take care of it properly.

The disadvantage of full-porcelain crown method is its price. Most dental clinic support customers with different payment plan service, for customers not to be worry about financial burden. Porcelain crowns will have Emax, Zirconia, HI-Zirconia, .. that you can choose from.

Stainless steel crowns are pre-fabricated, which protect crowns and fillings and are temporarily used when waiting for permanent crowns to be made.

Choose porcelain crown on front teeth which kind of good to restore front tooth?

Which porcelain crown on front teeth is good for incisors to achieve high aesthetic and long-term use? Incisors are the front teeth that essential in the aesthetics of the teeth, incisors loss will strongly affect the confidence of customers and also limit communication.

Striker teeth restoration with pure porcelain crown front tooth type ( (do not mix) both increase the aesthetics of the teeth and help you feel confident to love life, although prosthetic crowns with crowns incisors are high prices, you will not experience the adverse complications or need to replace crowns other porcelain

Dental implants dentures by porcelain crown on front teeth are important because they bring back the aesthetic of the teeth to give you more confidence, help you in both work life and daily life. 

Porcelain crown allergy symptoms

Sometimes allergy to metal porcelain crowns happens, you would see dental tissue, the gingival borders are swollen and irritate. Allergy to metal crowns is nothing to stress about too much, it similar to skin allergy when you wear metal jewelries.

If the porcelain crown allergy metal symptoms appear continuously and increase, you need to go to the dental center for check-up, to prevent other dental problems that might occur such as dark gum line, bad breath or somtimes tooth bone resorption.

Allergy to metal porcelain crowns are not only because of the patient sensitiveness, but also due to the use of non-genuine crowns, low standard techniques, fail to comply with the procedures, or doctors are unskillful.

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Porcelain crown discoloration for any reason?

Porcelain crown discoloration would change color or not depends on the material that used to make porcelain crown teeth. Porcelain crowns made from 100% porcelain are absolutely not discolored or dull due no matter reasons.

Metal porcelain crowns, if used for a period of time, will change the color of the teeth or show black gum line due to eating or oxidation.

Choose porcelain crown on front teeth which kind of good to restore front teeth?
Choose porcelain crown on front teeth which kind of good to restore front teeth?

Porcelain crown Zirconia có lifespan how long?

How long is a porcelain crown lifespan?

According to scientific research and customer evaluation of dental prostheses with metal crowns, metal crowns can last 7 years without replacement.

However, after a period of time, metal porcelain crowns will be oxidized, leading to black gum line which causes aesthetic disatisfaction, and allergy symptoms of metal porcelain crowns in some cases.

Oxidation of metal crowns occurs from 3 to 5 years of use depending on the hygiene of the porcelain teeth as well as the biological condition of each person.

Zirconia porcelain longevity??

Advantages of zirconia crowns is high strength, durability, gum still keeps natural color, patients can eat comfortably without fear of affecting teeth.

Porcelain crown lifespan Zirconia can last up to 20 years or can be used for a lifetime if you know how to take care of it properly. A zirconia porcelain crown is absolutely the perfect choice for lots of people.

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Porcelain crown lifespan for how long?

The quality of the pulp:

Porcelain bridge is a technique that requires grinding two real teeth next to missing teeth to make a bridge for the bridge. Therefore, these teeth must ensure strength, jaw bone does not dissipate in order to maintain the crown of porcelain teeth above. This is also the first factor when doctors consider whether or not to appoint porcelain bridges for patients.

Porcelain crown material:

Patients have a lot of options for crowns above and this is also a factor determining how long porcelain bridges will last. Currently, porcelain teeth are divided into two basic types:

Porcelain metal teeth:

Porcelain is a metal that has an inner frame made of different alloys, and the enamel on the outside is coated with porcelain. The big advantage of this type of porcelain teeth is the low price, suitable for all audiences. However, using metal porcelain teeth will not achieve a transparent color like real teeth because the inner metallic color layer will be shined out, which is when the light shines directly on.

Porcelain crown lifespan for how long?
Porcelain crown lifespan for how long?

All porcelain teeth:

All-porcelain teeth, also called non-metallic porcelain teeth, this type of porcelain teeth from the inner frame to the outside enamel are made entirely of pure porcelain, without any impurities. Therefore, all-porcelain teeth are more expensive than metal porcelain teeth, but completely overcome the disadvantages that metal teeth still exist, bringing higher aesthetics for patients.

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Porcelain crown lifespan depends on what factors?

Porcelain tooth material:

Porcelain teeth used in cosmetic dentistry are usually classified into two types: metal porcelain teeth and porcelain teeth. Due to the easily oxidized metal nature, black gum border, stimulation when using hot and cold food, the life of metal porcelain teeth is often lower than that of all porcelain teeth. The life of metal porcelain teeth is usually from 5 to 10 years, while all-porcelain teeth is from 15-20 years.

Current dental condition:

The current state of customers’ teeth will also greatly determine the lifetime of porcelain teeth. In the case of healthy teeth, the bone marrow is not pathological, does not waver and break, the grinding of teeth to cover porcelain will be less, thereby helping to extend the life of the tooth longer. On the contrary, if the teeth are weak, a lot of teeth need to be grinded to make them weak, the life span of the teeth will be reduced.

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How to take care of the user’s mouth:

The lifetime of porcelain teeth will depend in part on the daily oral care of the user. Porcelain teeth after restorations if properly cared for and properly protected: Use appropriate toothpaste, gently brush teeth, regular oral hygiene 2 times / day, limit the use of hot and cold food and only should eat soft foods …. will definitely help improve the life of teeth.

  • The patient’s care will determine how long porcelain bridges will last. Because of dentures, you need to be careful about chewing and choosing foods. Using soft foods to avoid chewing on hard, tough objects is a thing to keep in mind.
  • In addition, you should brush your teeth twice a day, each lasting about 2 minutes and use dental floss and mouthwash to help remove plaque.
  • Avoid using colorful foods such as coffee, tea, chocolate … tarnish your teeth.
  • Abandoning the habit of smoking, drinking alcohol is also a way to increase the life of prosthesis.

Selected porcelain tooth address:

A prestigious dental address, with a team of good doctors, modern equipment, compliance with dental restorations procedures … not only saves time for treatment and maintenance aesthetics, but also contribute to increased tooth strength.

Where are porcelain crowns safe, aesthetic and ensure a long life?

Vinh An Dental Clinic is one of the leading maxillofacial addresses in Vietnam, applying a wide range of professional dental and aesthetic services to meet the needs of a large number of customers across the country: Maxillofacial Surgery coral, braces, implant teeth, lime scrape, whitening teeth … In which, cosmetic porcelain veneers are also considered the strength of the center, which is known and trusted by many people today. when you want to fix the bad tooth defects.

what is porcelain crowns, porcelain crown on front teeth
what is porcelain crowns, porcelain crown on front teeth


What is porcelain crown? Types of ceramic crowns used today? porcelain crown allergy symptoms? porcelain crown lifespan. Vinh An Dental Clinic shared with you some basic information that you need to know about crowns. If you are in need of dental porcelain crown or have any questions about dental issues, please contact us at 1800 6359 for immediate answers or you can go directly to the dental implant centre –  Vinh An Dental Clinic for free examination and consultation by our doctors.


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