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Porcelain crowns cosmetic restorations: ceramic crown, porcelain veneer, zirconia crowns,

Zirconia crown - The pinnacle of non-metallic porcelain teeth

Porcelain crowns cosmetic restorations by ceramic crown, porcelain veneer, zirconia crowns, etc. Porcelain crowns are the best way to help patients to fully treat damaged, dark, damaged teeth. chipped, cracked, .. Restored porcelain crown or veneer, porcelain crowns vs zirconia crowns, porcelain crown vs ceramic crown, .. to preserve real teeth. Check out the following article to choose a method to preserve true teeth, restoring teeth that are mild to severe

Porcelain crown or veneer

Porcelain crowns and Veneer porcelain pastes are currently the two most popular cosmetic aesthetic methods today, both of which help bring a new look to a smile in a short time.

Porcelain crowns cosmetic restorations: ceramic crown, veneer, zirconia
Porcelain crowns cosmetic restorations: ceramic crown, veneer, zirconia

Making teeth with porcelain crowns:

For patients with dental defects such as dark, yellow, chipped teeth, lost almost the entire outer part of the tooth, crooked, underbite or overbite, misalign bite joints,… these are cases where the teeth are severely damaged, you can choose the dental crown method to improve the aesthetics of the teeth in shape and color.

Which case should choose porcelain crown:

This method is often used for people who have dental defects and are looking to fix dental problems such as: dark, yellowed, dull, broken, chipped, deep or severely damaged teeth. loss of almost the entire outer part of the teeth, worn teeth, crooked, deformed, bad bite. Therefore, the choice of porcelain crowns will help restore severely damaged teeth, while improving the aesthetics of the remaining teeth, completely changing the appearance of the teeth in color and shape.

Prosthesis of teeth with porcelain Veneer:

In cases teeth that are dark, yellowed, the tooth structure is broken but not more than 1/3 of the whole tooth, bright enamel but sparse and small teeth, you should choose Veneer, this is a solution to improve the aesthetics of the teeth and still protect the core.

Advantages of Veneer:

  • Porcelain crown are natural color, strong durability
  • No need to sharpen teeth, do not change the tooth structure
  • No pain, super thin Veneer porcelain, just glued on the outside of the teeth
  • The process of making Veneer is fast, no anesthetic is needed

Which case should choose Veneer porcelain paste:

While Veneer porcelain veneers are often the preferred choice as a solution to improve smile aesthetics, enhance tooth protection. The case of dark teeth, yellowing, relatively uniform tooth structure is worn, broken but less than 1/3 of the crown, Veneer porcelain paste will be the most suitable choice. However, if you have bright but weak tooth enamel, or baby teeth can still choose the solution of Veneer porcelain paste to overcome.

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Compare similarities and differences between porcelain crown or veneer

The technique of porcelain crown or veneer:

Porcelain crown technique requires the doctor to remove a layer of your tooth tissue from 0.6 to 1.2mm. After grinding the teeth, porcelain crowns will be attached on top. This grinding of teeth can affect the root, even the root canal, so porcelain teeth should only be applied when severely damaged teeth need to be restored to improve chewing or biting. hard objects.

Veneer porcelain veneers are different. For this method, the doctor may not need to sharpen the actual teeth or, depending on the case, only need to grinding 1 super thin layer on the outer surface of the teeth up to 0.5mm. Therefore, the majority of tooth enamel and the sensitive tissue around the teeth completely undamaged, the life of the tooth will not be affected much. Besides, the porcelain veneer paste only sharpens the outer surface so it will not change the bite joint, so does not cause any pain or discomfort.

Compare similarities and differences between porcelain crown or veneer
Compare similarities and differences between porcelain crown or veneer

Veneer is super thin, has an average thickness from 0.1mm to 0.6mm (depending on the situation when the tooth paste). They are placed on real teeth by a special glue and cement system so they will be firm and intact, without fear of flaking, peeling or falling out during daily activities.

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Porcelain crown vs ceramic crown

What is a ceramic crown?

Porcelain crowns have many types, diverse with different prices, they are usually made from 100% from porcelain or ceramic, porcelain crowns act as crowns to restore shape, increase aesthetics.

Porcelain crowns are very popular because of the shape and color that look like real teeth and it is not easy to detect that you have covered porcelain teeth.In case you are allergic to porcelain crowns with metal phase, you can choose crowns all porcelain

100% all-porcelain crowns resist high temperature changes, reduce sensitivity when you eat hot food, but when using 100% porcelain crowns, you need to know how to take good care for long-term use. most avoid the case that teeth wear out quickly during use and need to be replaced

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Porcelain crown vs ceramic crown are similar in that they are naturally similar to the tooth color, restoring to patients with incisors or molars. Permanent porcelain crowns can be one of the following types: plastic crowns, metal clad plastics, metals, precious metals, metal porcelain, precious metal porcelain, whole porcelain ….

Porcelain crowns vs zirconia crowns

Porcelain crowns vs zirconia crowns are considered the best prosthetic solution and get the attention of many customers.

Material of all Zirconia porcelain:

With the main ingredient is Zirconium Oxide – a mineral with a solid crystal structure, Zirconia is now widely applied in high-tech, medical and especially in cosmetic dentistry.

Zirconia porcelain crown is a dental restorations material made of Zirconia frame and covered with a high-class exterior porcelain made from Germany. This all-porcelain tooth material is manufactured and manufactured with high technology, meeting the requirements of aesthetics, durability, achieving much higher accuracy than the traditional rib-type casting of metal porcelain teeth.

Zirconia porcelain crowns are currently popularly applied at many dental addresses and are preferred by many customers when they want to improve tooth defects and quickly own beautiful and lasting teeth.

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Where to use Zirconia porcelain crowns:

  • In case customers lose their teeth, they want to wrap porcelain for prosthesis.
  • Damaged teeth, broken.
  • Tooth decay but do not want to fill or improve the aesthetics after treatment.
  • Teeth stained, bleached repeatedly are not effective.
  • Status of sparse teeth, barb, mouth, neck, slight deviation, bite is not too complicated.
  • The size of the teeth is irregular, causing asymmetric jaw mold.
  • Bad teeth, enamel wear.
  • Anyone who wants cosmetic restorations on teeth quickly.

Process of crown coating with Zirconia porcelain:

Step 1: Take a picture and perform a dental exam

Step 2: Plan the details of all Zirconia porcelain crowns

Step 3: Oral hygiene, anesthetic and grinding teeth

Step 4: Sample the jaw and design of Zirconia porcelain crowns

Step 5: Carry out crowns all Zirconia porcelain

Zirconia crown - The pinnacle of non-metallic porcelain teeth
Zirconia crown – The pinnacle of non-metallic porcelain teeth

Advantages when crowning all Zirconia porcelain:

  • For high aesthetics with natural beautiful teeth color, high fitting
  • After restoration with Zirconia porcelain crowns, customers can rest assured that they have bright white teeth, uniformly colored and especially natural like real teeth. This material also does not occur when the teeth are exposed when illuminated, fade with time or black gum line whether long-term use.
  • Besides, due to being built with new technology, the prosthesis brings high accuracy, maximum fit with real teeth, ensuring aesthetics, no worry about difference, no worry about food falling into the gap. .
  • High strength, safety, good chewing food, long service life
  • After prosthesis, the teeth will undertake good chewing function, no worry about peeling or chipping. The lifetime of all Zirconia porcelain crowns is 20 years or more depending on the care, even if the teeth are subject to daily chewing pressure.
  • In addition, due to being made from pure porcelain blocks, Zircronia porcelain crowns are safe for health, do not cause chemical reactions in the oral cavity, do not irritate gums.


Porcelain crown vs ceramic crown, veneer, zirconia, .. is a method of preserving the true teeth for customers, depending on the purpose of the customer, the dental condition that the dentist will recommend. Ceramic porcelain crowns are both suitable to save costs and increase durability

Vinh An Dental Clinic is the dental implant clinic in Ho Chi Minh City, possessing a team of highly skilled and competent dentists, equipped with the most advanced equipment and systems, spacious rooms, enthusiastic staff, .. Using porcelain crowns certified for origin, ensuring durability, bearing strength, complying with standard procedures, at a modern dental office, meeting the requirements of the Ministry Medical as well as meet aseptic regulations.

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