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Ưu điểm của phương pháp mặt dán sứ Veneer
What is Veneer?
Porcelain veneer is a new method of dental prosthetic, which have the advantage of being less invasive than porcelain crowns but still bring bright white teeth to help restore teeth in both shape and color. You will have perfect beautiful teeth.
Veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain about 0.5 mm, attched on the outside of the teeth to restore the desired shape and color of the teeth. Porcelain veneer applied to the following cases:
• Broken teeth, chipped teeth
• Sparse teeth and the distance is not too large
• Teeth stains cause by antibiotic and cannot perform bleaching.
• Rough tooth surface.
• Uneven teeth.
Mặt dán sứ Veneer
Advantages of porcelain veneer
Outstanding advantages include:
• Do not affect the marrow and soft tissue. Before attaching the porcelain layer, the dentist will sharpen the outer surface of the teeth from 0.7 – 1 mm and the porcelain veneer will cover the inner of the tooth, the veneer is made according to the pattern of each tooth and attached on the tooth surface by a special type of cement.
• This is a complicated technique and requires high accuracy. The results also bring aesthetic and durability is higher than cosmetic filling. Porcelain veneers is preferred due to its excellent aesthetic restoring power.
•Implementing 0.5mm ultra-thin porcelain veneers technique helps minimize the sharpening of teeth. Veneers restore teeth aesthetic; however, in case of excessive dark teeth, patient should have whitening before making veneers to bring higher results.
• The shape of the veneers will be designed based on a patient’s tooth mark, to ensure chewing function and aesthetics of the tooth.
• Porcelain veneer is resistant to biological, chemical, and mechanical factors in sensitive oral environments.
• Implementation procedure: quickly and maintain a long-term aesthetic beauty when the patient take care of it properly.
Ưu điểm của phương pháp mặt dán sứ Veneer
Veneer procedure
The process of porcelain veneer is like porcelain crown. However, due to very thin grinding requirements, doctors must be skillful to achieve high accuracy. Otherwise, the tightness of the teeth is not guaranteed which can easily lead to cavities and tooth sensitivity.
Step 1: Check-up and counseling.
Step 2: Hygiene and choose teeth color.
Step 3: Grinding and taking tooth marks
Step 4: Attach the veneer porcelain.
Step 5: Re-examine according to doctor’s schedule (if necessary)
For cases where the jaw is narrow, overbite or under bite jaw, the porcelain veneer cannot interfere.
The cost of Veneer porcelain teeth is higher than that of porcelain crown.
Quy trình dán sứ Veneer
Quy trình dán sứ Veneer
Quy trình dán sứ Veneer
kỹ thuật mặt dán sứ veneer uy tín
At Vinh An Dental Clinic, you will experience the prestigious and leading Veneer technology in Ho Chi Minh City, HCM. We are always proud of having a team of doctors with more than 20 years of experience and modern equipment. In particular, we always committed to using genuine porcelain, bringing high efficiency to customers.
Note: The effectiveness of treatment may vary depending on individual condition.
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