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When should I see a dentist to treat tartar?

In today’s busy daily life, many people are afraid to visit dental centers to get tartar because they think that it takes time and is not important. Only when those people who have a toothache have to see a doctor for treatment, can they feel the value of having regular scaling. 
In Vinh An Dental, doctors and counselors often advise customers to take the time to remove dental calculus periodically, on average every 6 months. This helps us to have strong teeth and effectively prevent oral diseases.
So why do we need to periodically clean lime?
Lime is the cause of periodontal disease. Tooth lime is formed by the remaining debris on the teeth along with the bacteria that form the plaque on the teeth. Teeth lumps often cling to the teeth, teeth and under the gums.
Tooth lime will play the part of the gum that triggers an inflammatory reaction at the gum site. In the oral environment with a lot of bacteria, these contact inflammation areas are superinfection causing more serious gingivitis. Lime patches act as an obstruction to the bacteria so they cause more severe local infections. The prolonged inflammation process has caused fibrosis of the gum tissue, resulting in gum recession and loose teeth and eventually tooth loss.
Notably, the early symptoms of periodontal disease (gums inflammation) are often unclear and often overlooked and only detected when the disease has entered the late stage (receding gums, loose teeth), therefore the possibility of losing teeth is quite high.
What do you know about tartar?
Lime of teeth is calcified plaque. Lime teeth are usually yellow and dark like black, brown or gray. Tooth lime forms right or under the gumline and can cause irritation to the gum tissue. Tooth lime creates additional area for plaque to grow and adhere to it, leading to more serious conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease.
The extraction of lime is a relatively simple process but requires gentle operation, meticulous, in order to remove plaque and stains on the tooth surface. Previously, extracting tartar was done by a manual scraping tool. Nowadays, tartar is cleaned with an ultrasound machine, the ultrasound waves will peel off the plaque, causing less damage to the gingivitis around the teeth as well as reducing the sensitivity. Ultrasound waves are completely harmless to health, ultrasound waves are now widely used in diagnosis and treatment.
Effect: shaving tartar, need to grow teeth
Tooth lime not only exists on the surface of the tooth but also around the root, the part under the gum. Therefore, it is not only necessary to clean lime from the crown but also below the gum. Taking lime under the gum is a relatively difficult process, because the long-lasting lime should be very hard. Because the gingiva must be deepened, the gums may become sore and worse than normal scaling (scaling on the gum). Getting periodic tartar is the best way to proactively prevent periodontal disease. Depending on the person, depending on the location, the time to take lime is different. In general, the time between two times to get tartar from 3-6 months.
Effect of taking tartar, especially periodic, very large, plays a role both to thoroughly treat and prevent periodontal disease. However, there are still many people who have not taken this seriously. Taking dental calculus is not a difficult technique, can be safely carried out in dental clinics.
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