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When you need Braces

Braces or orthodontics are solutions to help adjust the position of the teeth, aligning teeth and pulling them close by using dental implements to rearrange crooked tooth, underbite, overbite, gap tooth… bring you beauty smiles and faces. This treatment can also help you take care of oral health, joints and gums for a long time by evenly spreading the bite force on all teeth.

The benefits of braces

• Helps reduce dental problems (underbite, overbite, crossbite…)

• Help the chewing process easier.

• Have a beautiful smile to gain confident.

• Having new looks for faces.

When you need Braces

– Crooked, crowded teeth: Crooked teeth are cases where the teeth erupt from the original position on the arch of the jaw, teeth protruding and retracted, sometimes overlapping othẻ teeth, causing loss of aesthetics. For crooked and crowded, braces are considered the most effective solution to help bring the teeth to the most harmonious position on the arch.

– Overbite: is the most common case in braces, applied to the case of the teeth protruding in the front, in some severe cases, patients cannot even close their lips when they relax their muscles. In addition, tight lip and lower jaw indented when being overbite also makes the jaw bites misaligned.

-Underbite: Opposite with overbite, the most obvious signs of distortion are the lower jaw bone brought forward, when the mouth is closed the lower jaw will cover the upper jaw. In cases where underbite jaw due to teeth, braces can be effectively treated, bringing the teeth back to a regular position, correlated with the upper jaw. However, braces do not work if underbite is caused by jawbone.

– Sparse teeth: Occur when there is a tooth loss or teeth is too small compared to the arch. To treat sparse teeth, people can do porcelain crown or fillings. However, these two methods can only be overcome when sparsity is primarily at front teeth. If whole jaw is loose with big gap between teeth, only braces are effective.

– Misalign bites: This is quite common, affecting not only chewing process but also dental health. There are different types of occlusal deviations:

• Back bite is when upper teeth are inside compare with lower teeth

• Deep bite is when the upper teeth obscure lower teeth.

• Opened bites are when upper and lower teeth do not touch.

Braces can treat misalign bites effectively, adjust the upper and lower teeth for a correlation between the two jaws.

Orthodontics or braces are our strength at Vinh An Dental Center. Crooked teeth growing on the arch of the jaw will be rearranged by new materials and techniques. The overbite and underbite jawbone or face humps which are not align will be successfully treated with a well-prepared plan: computer software, measurement on X-rays, jaw samples… at a cost. only from 25,000,000 – 30,000,000 and flexible payments plan.

If your teeth are in any of cases above, do not hesitate to contact us immediately for specific advice. Vinh An believes that a beautiful smile have the power to change lives. Let us bring you a happy smile.

Note: The effectiveness of treatment may vary depending on the individual condition.

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